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March 9, 2012
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     In the early stages of the universe where learning beings are trying to establish themselves in the worlds they were formed in, there was no death not even a higher power yet. The beings were multiplying rapidly and some mysterious power decided there should be death. The universe itself willed it to happen and focused its energy on an unborn child. Once it was concentrated well enough, the pregnant mother to be began to shrill with pain and anguish. She hed fell terribly ill, so ill that she had began to die on the spot. Then doctors went to her aid and ripped out the baby she had. And thus the mother was the first being to die during birth. The father held the naked baby in his arms but then he too started to die too on the spot. The last thing he saw was that his baby's hair had space and sky tinted on it and stars in its eyes. The father never knew what his baby's gender was at all and then died. The nurses then wrapped the baby and suspected something. Something bad that they had to make up a word for it right away: Death. It was until then a nurse came rushing by and missed all the action and proceded to touch the baby, even if there was two people dead right beside her. However she didn't die. She also even accepted the babe as her own and called it "Lone", for it didn't even have a gender (so we'll call it a 'he' respectively).
     Not long after Lone's birth, people began to die. No one knew that the newborn was emitting toxins from his own breath and tears, thus making everyone vunerable enough to contract a disease. Also, more orphans were popping up and the nurse took them all in, hiding Lone from them all for he was different and deadly to a child. The nurse had loved Lone like any mother to her child until Lone could walk and talk a bit-because she had died as well from a heart failure. Fortunately, she had hired other nurses to take care of the orphanage (the very first one). Unfortunately for Lone though, they treated him horribly and ridiculed him for it was he to cost them their loved ones and their own babes. They even forced him to wear gloves and even a mask at times. He had no fond memory of the nurse that once loved him for he was too young at the time but never the less he endured with the torture and humiliation the nurses and the children themselves had given him. So he retreats the only place he could feel safe in-within the flower bushes in the garden nearby.
     It was where Lone could actually take off his gloves and touch the soft petals on the flowers. If it died, Lone knew there was no harm in that, he could simply pick another flower and try his best not to kill it with his mysterious powers. The kids of his orphanage would search for him endlessly and beat him up because the nurses manipulated them enough to the point that they would try to kill death itself. Killing Lone wasn't going to do anything though-death was still going to roam everywhere. Hating the messenger and not the present. Lone simply sat there, in the flower bush, petting a flower gently, pondering what he would do later. He had no friends to play with though also he didn't talk much about anything for the nurses kept all the news to themselves. But at least he heard the story of his birth. He knew he probably had no control of his powers then but at least he was practicing now. Why didn't he simply kill the nurses and kids trying to hurt him greatly anyway? He thought it was a test from something and once he is old enough to understand that something, something good would happen. He simply had to endure it more actually and grow up too. The poor child sat in the bushes still, pondering and pondering, watching the sun go down and the moon come up. He was just 7 years old too. That was his favorite passtime since he would get yelled at endlessly if he had any fun.
Poor Child

     Once back into the old and run-down orphanage for curfew, some of the kids pushed and shoved him into the basement, where he slept in most of his pathetic life. They then closed the door on him, leaving him in the terrifying darkness while they sneak a sweet snack before bed. Lone hated the dark. Even the stench of rats and rotting food. The skuttling of rats even scared him half to death. There was no light so he had to grope his way through the darkness and possibly touch something wet and cold on the walls. And maybe a dead rat. But at least he could grope around for a brick and pull it out so he could see the moon and have its light give him a smile. And under the moon light that brightened up the basement a bit-it was a small spotlight to him where he would dance and prance just like the the dancers not too far from the orphanage. Sometimes he sneaks up to the place just to peek at what they were up to. Also to hear the music that he loved so much. Just remembering the tune sends his whole body to move and spin just like the grown dancers would. One time he even danced all night in this mucky smelly basement. It was pure freedom to dance like this, and however he wanted to as well. It was a dream to him until he was tuckered out and went to sleep on an old bed that smelled terrible before the horrible nurses came in to check on him. There he pondered if he could ever run away or get adopted, but the two ideas were never going to happen.
     The next morning, a new child came in. Once Lone was upstairs, aching a bit from all the dancing he did in the basement and sleeping on a lumpy bed, he managed to see the child and his welcoming to the orphanage. The child's name was Mika and to Lone it looked like a boy. As soon as Lone got closer to see Mika clearly, the nurses then started to warn Mika about Lone and even started to give glares at him after sentences. Lone started to tear a bit and rushed off to breakfast, however once he got there, most of the food was gone. Lone was happy to even to get a bite for breakfast let alone have it all to himself too. He came up to get his share until a nurse blocked him from the tray of food.
     "Haven't you got any manners? This is for the new child! Wait until noon to get your food, boy!" the nurse then slapped him across the face as punishment for not being thoughtful of the new child. The nurse then carried off the tray of food and gave it to the new child to eat while Lone lowered his chin and rubbed his cheek which was getting red and tender, resisting the urge to beg for food from the new child. He heard the nurse advise Mika to go play outside and ignore Lone for the time being, then the footsteps of her leaving the room completely.
     "Are you all right?"
     Lone looked up and saw that Mika was right next to him with his plate of food. He nodded and looked down again. "If the nurse catches you talking to me, she could punish you,"he said quietly.
     "I don't care if she does. You did nothing wrong and she smacked you. That is not right at all,"said Mika. He then offered Lone his plate."I'm not hungry, you have it."
     Lone didn't know how to react to this act of kindness. No one offered him food nor even talked to him like a normal person. He stared at Mika, bemused by his act completely.
     "What's the matter? Just take it. I'm not going to take it back suddenly."
     Poor Lone blinked at Mika and finally took the plate. "Thank you," he said softly.
     He began to eat slowly, cherishing every bite he took from the eggs and bread, as well as the milk that came with it. Fresh as anything and a bit warm too. This was his treat for enduring so much-a friend finally and food with it too! Slowly he began to smile for the first time in daylight. Mika laughed heartily and teased Lone that he ate so slow that five years could've gone by. Lone even laughed himself after he finished eating. Then Mika took Lone's (gloved) hand and the two ran off to play outside.
     It was such a swell day outside, the sun was out and beaming, the clouds were lazyily going by, the smells of grass and fragerent flowers nearby and the laughing of children nearby. Both Lone and Mika stood on a hill, holding hands, watching the kids on the vast meadow.
     "Did the nurse make them hate you?"Mika asked Lone.
     "Yes. They all hate me,"Lone said truthfully."I know a place we can play."
     They ran off to the flower field and this act was not ignored by the kids. While Lone ran off with his knew friend, the ring leader of the group, a boy about Lone's age began to scheme with the other friends. And they have to do it tonight.
     Lone then showed Mika where he hides and then they both began to play house together, tag, hide and seek, and other games all through out the day. When noon came and a snack was presented to the kids, Mika told Lone to stay in the bush for a while so he could get the snacks. And he did as promised, carrying sweets and sandwiches for the both of them. They ate under the sky and played "what does that cloud look like" game and Mika did the same for dinner. Lone never felt so filled in his life! He was smiling all the time he was with Mika till the very end of the day. He had thought about showing him his power of death with the flowers, but he feared that would scare him badly.
     Mika went to get snacks for them both-but he never returned. Lone had hears schuffles near the bush but he thought it was a small animal or something. So after many minutes of waiting, he crept out of the bush and all of the sudden he was ambushed by the kids. He was then taken right next to orphanage and was brought to the boy who was about his age. He held a bloody shovel and what Lone saw completely shocked him. Mika's naked body, beaten and bloody and barely alive was on the floor, next to a dug up grave.
     "What have you done with him!?"Lone shrieked.
     "Her, stupid. Mika's a girl!"the boy with the shovel said.
     Then Mika looked up at Lone with begging eyes, telling him to end it.
     "Loonee..."Mika moaned weakly. Then the boy started to beat her violently with the shovel. Lone began to beg the boy to stop this but the boy was drowning his voice with his own wild tone,"YOU SHOULD BE OUR FRIEND! NOT DEATH ITSELF! FOR THAT YOU MUST PUNISH WHAT WE FEEL INSIDE WHENEVER WE SEE LONE! NOW DIE!!"
     The boy's friends then shoved Mika's barely alive body into the grave and Lone heard a sickening crack. The boy then held the shovel as if to beat Lone to death as well and then stopped. Lone was crying loudly, he couldn't help himself for the boy's eyes were terrifying and insane.
     "What's going on out there?!"
     "The nurse!"the boy said quietly and then forced Lone to hold the shovel,"Take it or else I'll push you in the grave right now!"
     All of the kids then hid in the bushes while Lone kept moarning his only friend.
     ""Mika was saying meekly until the nurse came by the scene and began to scream.
     "WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO?!" the nurse shrieked.
     "I didn't do it!"Lone sobbed as he gripped the shovel and knelt there.
     The nurse then yanked him by the hair and pulled him into the orphanage while the kids in the bushes giggled quietly. Lone kept telling the nurse that he didn't do it until the nurse beat him herself with a belt. She then threw Lone outside of the orphanage and told him to get lost in her crazed state. Why couldn't she simply called the authorites no one knew but Lone was outside still crying his eyes out until a bucket of cold water was thrown on top of him. He looked up as he was sopping wet and saw that the kids were upstairs now and taunting him. They then began to throw knives, forks, and stones at Lone now. He ran away from the area finally and retreated into an allyway.
     He hid there for a while and decided to spend the night there too, crying himself to sleep.

     The next morning he was awakened to the sound of grunting. A gruffy man was carrying him for some reason and Lone automatically took off his glove and gave him the touch of death. He dropped dead instantly and Lone scrambled up from the corpse, moving away from it.
     "You are....wanted for beating Mika," the apparently alive but dying gruffy man managed to say.
     "But is she alive?"Lone asked.
     "Tell me!"
     But the man died before he could say anything. Lone sighed as he put on his glove again. Maybe he could try to find...her....What Lone was seeing had terrified him to no end-for he was in another place now and this place wasn't friendly at all. Smoke was everywhere, it was hot as an oven, and everyone was glaring at him as they passed by. A different town. By himself. Far away from the flower field, the dancers, and Mika....
     He was in a place where the buildings were higher than the little village he grew up in. He was terrified beyond belief and no one to protect him but his powers.
     Groups of people passing by, learning from wise men and thieves doing their dirty work in the allyways, Lone didn't hesitate to blend in with the group of men walking next to a wise man, drinking up every word he says. "Please, sir, could you tell me where I am?" Lone asked the elder.
     "Why you are in the Solidai City young-Death!"the wiseman shouted. "Don't touch me! Somebody lock him up!"
     Lone then ran as fast as he could away from the group as everyone was trying to catch him. Then he ran into a tall man and a bony boy who was a lot older than him.
     "May we ask what are you running from?"the tall man said.
     "People!"Lone answered.
     The tall man laughed,"But people are everywhere young hermit! I thought you were going to school! Isn't it that time that school starts? I think it is time to go to school-hear me young one, I'll take you where you need to go-where ever you want to too but you have to do a little favor for me which we can talk later. What do you say, little one?"
     Lone heard the shouts of the men coming for him. He nodded with haste.
     "All right then. Give the cloak to him."
     Then the bony child gave a dark cloak for Lone to wear and Lone put it on as quick as he could. Then the tall man pushed Lone behind him and when the people trying to get him stopped to ask him where Lone went, the tall man replied,"No idea of who you are talking about." The men then ran off down the road. After that the tall man and the bony boy guided him to another road. And down many roads the three went. Down one and down another until Lone was too tired to go any farther. The tall man had no choice but to pick him up and get him where he wanted to get Lone to: auction.
     Once the tall man was where he wanted to go, he gave Lone to another man.
     "What are you doing?!"Lone shouted as he was carried off.
     "Selling you of course! Where did you think I got this stupid and speechless lad I got here? By the way-do what you're told to do and you will live your life without a scold! That's my favor and do it well, sonny! Maybe we will meet again! That time with you under me!"
     Lone then began to struggle with all his might or to give this guy the touch of death but this beast prevented him from doing so by just wrapping his own arms around Lone's arms. As quick as the exchange seconds ago, the man brought him to the auction and was presented toward hundreds of people, mostly men. Lone was on stage but for the wrong performance as he was shown to everyone and then bagged. The auctioneer then ranked up the prices people were willing to pay until about an hour in the scorching heat of the bag, he was sold. Hours later in the smoldering bag, other kids in other bags were thrown right next to him. Lone heard crying of every degree and the scent of urine and even vomit entered his nose. Kids were being sold by the load! Lone was deeply upset by this that even he started to cry as well. What would become of him? He is apparently a criminal himself too! Would the man he was sold to beat him to death? Or something else? What did the tall man mean by 'being under him' anyway? Either way Lone wasn't taking this sitting down though. He rolled and struggled until he fell from a fair height. He rested a bit and tended to his bruises on his shoulder and leg and then started to shift and hop his way somewhere. But then he felt someone lift up his bag and then flung into another place, stuffed uncomfortably against other children who were either still struggling or what Lone suspected at times, dead even. Lone tried to communicate with the other children but they were so bewildered that they couldn't respond to him properly. Being rather light, skinny, and a bit weak without food he couldn't struggle efficiently, the knot was tied ever so tightly. Lone was kicked in the face pretty much all the way to their apparent destination too. There, some of the load was carried off, the poor children in the sacs were appanently hauled off like garbage to another person, and then the carrage kept going, Lone never knowing what happened to the children in the sacs that have been left behind. Did they die? Did the person sell them off to another person? Either case, Lone was beginning to fully panic and lose his wit from all of this.
     About hours later, the whole carrage finally was unloaded and the tired and tuckered out children were transported to separate rooms and let free for now. Lone found himself in a bedroom with just a single candle lit up. He looked around some more and the stench was wretched and horrid as well. A boy and a girl about a year younger than him was in the room with him and just as dazed as he was.
     "Hey, um, do you know where we are?"Lone asked the two politely.
     "I don't know,"the girl said while the boy simply shrugged. "I just want my mommy."
     Lone noticed by candle light that the two of them had tear streaks on their cheeks. They were so innocent and frail, Lone felt the need to protect them for he was obviously older. The girl then continued,"I wandered off to look at the toys and then someone picked me up and took me away. They then put me in a bag and then-I'm here."
     The boy didn't want to say anything actually and looked all gloomy.
     "What are your names?"Lone asked, getting closer to them, trying to ignore the smell.
     "I'm Lu,"the girl said.
     The boy mumbled, "Emiel."
     Lone then got up and looked around for something to bust the door open.
     "I'll try to get you out, all right you two?"Lone assured them. Then he tried to open the door once he got to it until the boy asked him his name.
     "Lone,"he replied.
     "Are you a boy or a girl?"the boy said curiously.
     Lone didn't even know the answer."I don't know."
     "What do you mean you don't know?"
     "I just don't, but shhhh! I think I hear someone. Let's hide under the bed."
     The three did so and soon as they could. They curled up under the bed but Lone didn't fit so well. So he got out in time and hid in the small closet. The smell was literally trying to choke him. What died in here? Lone looked down and saw that he was standing right next to a corpse of a child, tied up and gagged, naked and hanged as well. The poor child! Lone's eyes were as wide and as big as flower bulbs at the sight of a skeleton. What happened here???
     Then the worst began to happen: three men came in the room and started to look for the children obviously. They then looked under the bed and saw Lu and Emiel. The two children gasped and screamed when they were dragged out from under there while Lone tried to pop out of the closet to defend them but the closet door was jammed and won't open. Peeking through the slits of the closet door, the men touched both Lu and Emiel everywhere and even kissed them too. Lu was struggling uncomfortably while Emiel was awkwardly accepting this innocently. Then a man demanded that they take their clothes off. Lone suspected it was going to be Mika all over again and tried to shout but nothing could come out. His body was shaking with pure anger as the children obediently did so. Lone tried to cover his eyes or ears but the closet was too narrow for him to move at all, so he was forced to watch this torture. The men then began to do whatever they liked to Lu and Emiel and Lone saw their dirty fingers disappear in places Lone never knew actually. Lone himself felt violated as the men shoved something into Lu and Emiel and they both began to cry and beg them to stop.
     "Lone! Help me! OW! STOP IT! Don't do that to my-! Mommy! Mommy! MAMA!"
     Lone began to cry and his sobs were apparently heard too. A man pulled his thing out of Lu and came up to the closet door and wretched it open. Lone then jumped on the man and started to pound him as hard as he could but the guy yanked on his long hair and threw him to the ground. Then the man procceded to touch Lone until one of the men told him to stop and what he was touching. Death itself. Then the man carried him out of the door while both Lu and Emiel were still being violated and tortured on the bed,crying and shouting for help. The door opened to a road that was quickly zooming by-they were on a moving carriage? The man then threw Lone out of the cart and closed the door as Lone hit the floor and rolled to a stop on the hot road. Lone scrambled up and tried to follow the carriage but he gave up on it completely.... It was useless....He should've killed them when he got the chance....Lu...Emiel....
     He couldn't help but cry out and fell like a failure. The days were he could ponder in a flower bush was gone-everything he was used to is gone! Maybe for the better but he rather be punished by the kids at the orphanage than witness such hateful crimes to his newer friends. Come back, Lu. Come back, Emiel.
     Under the hot setting sun, someone called out to him.
     "Hey, kid? Are you all right?" a man from the city Lone was still in boundry of came up to Lone. Lone, have learned not to trust people just recently, moved away from the man clutching the cloak that was given to him long ago.
     "I just saw you fall out of a moving carriage! Kid, are you sure you are all right? Did those hooligans hurt you? Kid, please answer me, I won't hurt you. I promise."
     Adults are cruel, Lone thought in rage. He glared at the man under his hood and moved away some more. The new face looked rather trusting but Lone was hesitant. He could get sold again, he could get beat...or worse, violated. The man held out his hand to offer his help but Lone wanted to give him the touch of death. "Leave me alone...." His rage and frustration had distracted him from the hunger he was suffering all that time. But now it got to him and he fell to his knees as his belly growled wrathfully. The man advanced to him but Lone still gave him a glare a man would think twice about. Even on his last legs, Lone even impressed himself on a fight he was putting up with a deadly glare he acquired in about a day. All his hatred and loathe for adults were concentrated in his eyes- a bit too much that he began to cry once more. He fell over as his hunger was overcoming him and fainted.

     Once Lone awakened again, he found himself laid out on a couch, in a run down home where everything looked as though it was handmade even the house. The man was right beside him with bread, meat on a plate and a cup of milk beside it. Lone didn't recognize this act of kindness until he did a few seconds later. This man doesn't want to harm him at all. Lone's clothes even cloak was still on him and not a bruise to be found on his arms but there were bandages on his head and arm because of the scrapes on the road. His head hurt a bit but nonetheless he began to eat the plate of food he was offered. Cheese was on this bread and that was unusual since he never ate cheese before.
     "Thank you,"Lone said to the man who was of middle age. He smiled.
     "Your welcome, dear,"he said kindly. Lone felt a bit weird being called that but he continued eating and scarfing down the food, even if it was about night time now.
     "What's your-name?"Lone said between bites.
     The man chuckled and wiped Lone's messy mouth."They call me Cheverie. And you must be Lone. Everyone was all in a panic from your appearence in the square. I don't see why actually. I know you are Death but you are just a child. You don't know better-or actually, they don't know better than to behave themselves over a child. Do you want any more, Lone, dear?"
     "Why, yes, please."
     "Ho ho! What a polite young child you are!"
     Cheverie patted Lone on the head ever so gently that he hardly felt his hand at all. He knew that Lone bumped his head to the point that it was tender to the touch like a babe's head. Cheverie then left the room with the plate and came back from the kitchen with more food. "Eat up young one, dear. You look like a skeleton! Did the orphanage treat you to any food at all?"
     "How did you know I lived at an orphanage?"
     "By word of mouth little one, dear. Also I've seen the death of your parents. I was a witness to your birth little Death, dear. That was when I was a monk and everyone tried to make me banish your acursed power. But I wouldn't at all and lost my reputation from that. But it doesn't matter now, I live a peaceful life here in my own farm. Making my own things and meeting new people. I have a feeling you are blessed with the power to induce pure peace only to achieve through touching you, not death. Don't worry about what you had to do-it is for the best."
     Lone then remembered Lu, Emiel, and Mika. "I couldn't save my friends...they need peace or whatever it is right now! I can't....What have they done to them?!"
     "There is nothing you could do Lone for them. That's how life is. People leave or die. That is how things work. I'm sorry that you have to witness such crimes on other children like yourself. It is trauma I can't heal maybe not even time. But we learn from it and it is what makes us stronger to keep going."
     "But will I ever find them? Also, could you please tell me if Mika is all right?"
     "The answer to both of your questions are 'I don't know'. Not everything travels by word of mouth. They would be gone forever or you could meet them again. But I have heard that most parents whose children were kidnapped never found them at all or just finding them dead somewhere. It is most unfortunate and you are one of the lucky ones who escaped from a dreadful state, dear."
     Lone began to tear up but also go in a rage. "I want them to die for hurting my friends...I want them to die! I don't want them to be gone forever! I want to see if they are right and healthy! I want those men to die! Die! DIE!"he began to scream with all his might and the candle went out and then it began to rain heavily. Lone then leaned against Cheverie for comfort. Cheverie knew what power he had to put up with, he just had to teach Lone to tame it. Or he would lose Lone to the mysterious power that is made up from the universe. He petted Lone lovingly as if he was the father of this child. But he will for he just accepted Lone into his life.
     Years and years past and Lone grew up to be a gentle being but still having bouts of fury and even a temper only Cheverie could tame. Lone wanted to hunt down the kidnappers and Cheverie got Lone a sword with most of his money. But several fights later and his sword broke into three pieces. He then made it into a scythe and that also worked quite well against the kidnappers. He also fashioned himself a black cloak too. But there was one thing that makes him on top of the world: dancing-and drinking.
     Dancing didn't get on Cheverie nerves all too much for he was a dancer himself. But the drinking...once Lone was full on drunk-he gets more violent than a huge storm. Lone battles more efficiently while drunk but his rage is so unlimited that Cheverie was a bit afraid of him. The two get into fights and all that such but Cheverie knew he would get his just desserts if he kept this drinking. And one day Lone lost it all.
     One day Lone chased a kidnapper into another person's home and in that home was something Lone couldn't believe. Once he saw this, he had forgotten all about the kidnapper: Mika. She lay on the bed, obviously a bit sick of something. She opened her eyes and was frozen in fear of Death. Lone edged closer to the familiar face. She was alive and well enough to reach marrying age. He pulled down his hood.
     "Mika? Mika it's me! Lone!"Lone said to Mika.
     "Lone? I don't know of any Lone....But I know you are Death! Leave me alone! I have a child to take care of you know! Leave my house, Death!"Mika said, moving away from Lone.
     Lone was shocked that Mika had forgotten about him. What happened to her? Did her memories of them both playing get knocked out of her?
     "Don't you remember the flower fields? The games we played? The orphanage?"Lone said with worry in his voice. Mika shook her head. And then someone else came into the room. The person had the same face as the boy who beat Mika into amnesia at the orphanage!
     "You...."Lone said in pure rage.
     "Death? D-Lone? What in the world are you doing here? You can't take my Mika away from me! She's mine I tell you! Not your friend anymore!"said the man.
     And with a swipe of Lone's scythe, the man died there. Mika was screaming at the top of her lungs and began to beg for mercy. But Lone isn't going to have that. He collected her soul like any other killing. He then heard the kidnapper that he was targeting come out of hiding and run out of the house, shouting, "Death has killed again! Two innocent  people! Leaving a little girl orphaned! Here's our chance to get him!"
     A crowd of people then barged into the house and yanked Lone out of there. He actually had no will to fight back though. As they were tying a noose around him, Cheverie came up to the crowd and yelled as loud as he could:
     "LONE! IT'S TIME!"
     Then automatically, Lone burst into a sprint. The rope of his noose trailing behind him and no one managing to catch it right away.
     Lone sprinted to a cliff with a tree on it and caught his breath. It's time to end this madness. No matter what. He tied the end of the rope to a tree branch and looked back. Cheverie was trying to make it to him but then a person from the angry mob backstabbed him with a sword. Lone then closed his eyes to hold back the tears. He won't cry...maybe later....But he stepped back a few steps, with the noose still on his neck and then he ran for it. He jumped off the cliff and hanged himself-in style.
     When the townsfolk saw that Lone was finally dead they rejoiced but for a little while for a dark raincloud simply drowned their happiness. They all saw the rope move and stared at the cliff Lone jumped off from. Then they saw the hand of a skeleton grip the cliff and brought up the skeleton of Lone. The people were frantic when they saw Lone's skeleton so they rushed over to his hooded skeleton and tried to kick it off the cliff. But their kicks went through Lone like mist and he brought himself up. The rope itself was cut now and Lone transformed it into a ribbon where he could summon up his scythe while the people were still trying to fight his intangible self. He then went through all of the angry mob and vanished without a trace. No matter what, Death will still roam the universe whether the people like it or not. Collecting souls and learning new experiences all throughout his afterlife. Shifting wardrobes to blend in and go for the harvest. And of course drinking some more-and killing people while drunk too.
For the contest. whew.
Anyway Im in :iconproud-of-it: <3<
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